Content in the Cloud

November 14

The seminar ‘Content in the Cloud’, allows us to highlight the major mutations regarding content distribution at a time when dematerialization takes another step further with the trivialization of the Cloud.

This seminar will address many issues:

  • The largely advanced dematerialization of content
  • The multiplication of personal screens
  • The shift in consumption patterns for online content
  • The availability of mobile and fixed broadband networks and the development of unlimited plans
  • Storage capacity in the Cloud
  • Accessibility and security regarding content
  • The development of digital identity

These are factors that underline the gradual rise of ATAWADAC consumption (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device, Any Content).

Consumers now want to access to both their personal content as well as the content offered by media players or the Internet at any time, on any media and regardless of where it is located, at home or outside. If the foundations of this future pattern of consumption are being elaborated, the fact remains that this radical change implies a deep questioning of the value chain of content distribution, its actors and economic models.

2:30pm Introduction IDATE
2:50pm Is the technical environment ready to support distribution in the Cloud?
Though content migration to the Cloud has already started, is the current technical environment able to guarantee the level of service expected by users?  What are the risks of deceiving users in the short term if the networks and/or devices are not able to guarantee a truly seamless experience?  What are the potential obstacles?  When will ATAWADAC consumption be generally available?
Moderator: Julien DUPONT-CALBO, Journalist, LeMonde
3:40pm Keynote: The internet facing IPv4 Shortage
  • Alain FIOCCO, Director Worldwide IPV6 High Impact Project, Cisco
4:00pm Reinventing business models?
  • Introduction by Alexandre CALLAY, Worldwide Director, Eurodata TV

This new consumption paradigm brings into question methods for financing content.  Between for free, for sale, for lease models, which way will consumers lean?  Will they opt for specific solutions based on the type of content, its perceived quality, the type of network used, or the consumer device? Does the apparent success of premium subscription offers become the dominant model of the future? What innovations can we expect in new business models?
Moderator: Joel LEROUX, Managing Director, Accenture
5:00pm Coffee Break (hosted by SES)
5:30pm Keynote: Analysis of Video-Viewing Behavior in the Era of Convergent and Connected Devices
  • James ALLEMAN, Professor Emeritus of Network Economics & Finance, Colorado University
05:50pm Will the value chain resist the Cloud?
Though the arrival of telecom operators and Internet players has already contributed to the disruption of the content industry value chain, moving to the Cloud threatens to break up the current organization completely.  How will incumbent players prepare for this potential revolution? In particular, physical distribution and publishing players?  What threat will the new entrants bring against this market and what place do they hope to take in the long run?  What will the content value chain look like in ten years?
Moderator: Delphine CUNY, High Tech & Commercial Media Deputy Chief Editor, La Tribune