NextGen Networks

November 14

Co-organized by IDATE and FTTH Council Europe

From Fixed to Mobile, specific and convergent issues

The same seminar will address outstanding issues surrounding fixed (FTTH) and mobile (LTE) NGN:

  • How have rollouts progressed over the past 12 months? Can we pinpoint any major trends in the choice of architecture and technologies?
  • Hot-button issues: do operators have the means to step up their investments in NGN? What role can resource-pooling and infrastructure-sharing play? Where do public financing and private equity fit into the equation? Why have NGN given rise to new tiered pricing and network policy control strategies? What network-related innovations are we seeing in mobile NGN rollouts: small cells, cloud RAN, etc.? Do we need to curb regulation? Should we be worried about the spectrum crunch?
  • Should we bank on a proper convergence of fixed and mobile superfast systems? Is shared backhauling inevitable? Up to what point, and under what circumstances, can LTE replace wire line superfast access?


Part 1 : FTTH
2:30pm Introduction by IDATE and FTTH Council Europe
  • FTTX worldwide panorama
  • FTTH: Where is Europe?
2:50pm Keynote - Lessons from a FTTH pioneer
3:10pm Round Table - Focus on FTTH burning issues
  • Pricing strategies: tiered pricing
  • Role of public and private funding
  • FTTH for LTE backhauling
Moderator: Hartwig TAUBER, Director General, FTTH Council Europe
4:20pm Keynote - Cable to reach Digital Agenda?
Part 2 : LTE
4:40pm Introductive Keynote - Latest news from the LTE side
5:00 Coffee Break (hosted by SES)
5:30pm Introduction by IDATE - LTE Worldwide Panorama
5:40pm Round Table : Focus on LTE burning issues
  • LTE business case in a converged environment
  • How can LTE improve video distribution
  • Are LTE devices really available today?
Chair: Frédéric PUJOL, Head of Mobile & Spectrum Practice, IDATE
6:30pm Conclusive Keynote - Toward an integrated Fixed and Mobile high speed infrastructure?