Smart Cities & Digital Living

November 14

The notions of smart and digital living have really caught on over the past two years, and are now poised to become a vital element in urban renewal and citizen involvement for cities and the administrations that run them.

We are seeing a real effervescence in programs being initiated by cities, taking approaches that give priority to digital, sustainability, innovation… and which cut across a more or less wide array of the elements of urban living.

Meanwhile; manufacturers are developing powerful tools tailored to the city’s various functions, operators are rolling out fixed and mobile networks and, working in partnership with public utilities, are delivering value-added solutions.

Large-scale institutional programs, both European and national in scope, are helping support and shore up these initiatives, competitive clusters are developing innovative projects and encouraging the players to pool their efforts…

Of course, silo approaches are still current in areas such as transportation, quality of life, tourism, economic development, etc.

This effervescence in planned and actual projects being gradually deployed is ushering in new players, creating partnerships and giving rise to questions over the best business models to sustain these actions, as well as creating attractive medium and long-term prospects.


2:30pm Open innovation in the city
The living labs, whose objective is to experiment with scale services, tools or new uses, are areas in which innovations are proposed, evaluated and / or co-produced by users. Real platforms for shared innovation, it is interesting to understand their contribution in the smart city. What diversity of approaches, topic rankings, levels of user involvement and early teachings and what business models underline these third places?
  • Karine DOGNIN-SAUZE, vice-présidente, Grand Lyon
  • Norbert FRIANT, Responsable mission numérique, Rennes Métropole
  • Emmanuel LUMINEAU, partner, 1oak groupe
  • Vincent MARET, Energy Director e-lab, Bouygues SA
  • Jérôme LAVAL, co-fondateur, Mandarine
  • Alain RENK, Co-Founder, UFO
  • Marc SANMARTI, Representative of the Office of Economic Growth, Barcelona City Council
3:45pm The city, interactive screen
Shared screens, interactive displays, augmented reality, open and shared street furniture, etc.. These interactive kiosks and innovative applications reshape the new urban reality according to the new 'smart sensors' needs, expectations and expressions of citizenship. What are the prospects of their deployment in the city? How are they integrated into the daily urban life? What are the carriers of these new social endeavors? 
5:00pm Coffee break (hosted by SES)
5:30pm The digital city in Europe
New territories, new actors and new approaches appear. Cities will have to manage these changes and take into account the current and expected impact of the digital rise. Does it change the role and place of the traditional players in the system and does it facilitate the entrance of new actors? What are the lessons learned from the approaches taken in European cities, regarding both applications and services that implemented technologies and partnerships?