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Content vs user experience : Where to invest?

15 November


Corum - Montpellier


Content is the focus of everyone’s attention, now more than ever before: TV networks, telcos and now the internet heavyweights are all vying for premium rights and even for ownership of production companies. This race to secure the best content is going hand in hand with a greater accent on providing a quality and personalised user experience, which enhances the value of content and cements consumer loyalty. At a time of tightening budgets, what is the right trade-off between going after premium content and investing in improving the user experience? Is this never-ending escalation not likely to leave the weakest players by the wayside?

2:30 - 2:50pm
Introduction by IDATE DigiWorld
2:50 - 3:10pm

Damien Bernet, Deputy CEO, Altice Media / SFR Media

3:10 - 3:55pm
Session 1 - The race for content

As video content is now omnipresent on all of our screens, the number of players wanting to supply video services has shot up over the past several years, which in has turn driven up the price of premium rights and the need for exclusive video content. If this can be a positive thing for producers and content owners, is a “content bubble” not inevitable? And will consumers not also be penalised by the skyrocketing price of content? Who are the winners and losers in this inflationary spiral?

Introduction & moderation:  Yannick SADOWY, Industry Managing Director - Communications & Media lead, Accenture

3:55 - 4:40pm
Session 2 - Investing in the user experience

In an environment marked by a plethora of available content, vendors need to distinguish themselves to stand out from the crowd, attract consumers and keep them. Which is why providing a quality user experience is on the lips of all the sector’s players. How to capitalise on technological innovations to improve QoE? What is the cost, and what are the benefits?

Moderator : Vincent GRIVET, Head of Broadcasting Development, TDF  

4:40 - 5:00pm
5:00 - 6:00pm
Coffee and Networking: meet the speakers



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