Who will fund eHealth?

16 November


Corum - Montpellier


eHealth is a major issue for the future of the society in that it helps to reduce care delivery costs, and serves as catalyst to boost a wealth of new businesses, capitalising on the insights provided by the proliferation of health data. Many eHealth solutions remain at the trial or pilot phase, however, and are struggling to find a sustainable “business” model. Added to which, funders – including social systems and health insurers – are facing uncertainty over future regulations, and the actual value of ehealth solutions remains to be proven. Can personalised care and the silver economy offer new opportunities using different funding models?

2:30 - 2:40pm
  • Hao YI, Consultant Innovation Unit, IDATE DigiWorld
2:40 - 3:20pm
Session 1: Business model - Who is going to pay? And how?

Despite its promises to shake up the way healthcare is accessed, managed and delivered, the reimbursement policies for eHealth have not yet been defined. Where are we today in regard to regulation or funding schemes to pave the way for eHealth’s development? What new opportunities for payers? Does this new approach to care mean a new remuneration model for practitioners?

3:20 - 3:35pm
Keynote - Potential of health data
3:35 - 4:15pm
Session 2: The Silver economy - will it drive a surge in investments for eHealth?

There is a proven need for digital solutions to meet the challenges of the silver economy, particularly on the medical front. What are the issues and objectives for eHealth solutions in the silver economy? How could eHealth stakeholders hitch a ride on the silver economy, and truly take off?

Moderator: Jacques Bonte, Insurance Expert Conusltant

  • Nadia FRONTIGNY, Vice-president Care Management, Orange Healthcare
4:15 - 4:30pm
Keynote - ehealth of tomorrow - personalized medicine and new "business" models
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