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Is network virtualisation really a game changer?

19 November

2:00 to 3:45pm


In addition to the race in the deployment of fixed and mobile superfast systems (link to forum#1), networks’ future evolution is directly linked to the integration of cloud architectures and the virtualization solutions. The concepts of SDN, NFV and network virtualization are considered as the main upcoming technological disruptions in networking architectures and are at the heart of telcos’ and equipment suppliers’ strategies.

In this seminar, experts will share how those concepts will become widespread over the coming years and how the industry will be impacted.

  • SDN-NFV: where are we now? In establishing standards, in the availability of the equipment and solution.
  • What are operators’ expectations and priorities? How far the interoperability of network equipment is important for telcos? Which elements will help increase telcos’ agility and generate savings in network resource management? What would be considered as the best starting point in the transformation of the network: core, edge, access network, fixed or mobile systems?
  • How virtualisation will change the current telecom industry ? Will the move of IT and software companies shuffle the cards into the equipment market? How telcos will bring the SDN and NFV use cases into practice with real business case ? Is virtualisation telcos’ insurance against becoming a dumb pipe?
2:00 - 2:10pm
IDATE's point of view

How operators can profit from SDN and NFV in their network ?
Brief context on current operators ‘stakes
Challenges and opportunities around SDN and NFV

Tiana RAMAHANDRY, Senior Consultant for the Innovation Business Unit, IDATE

2:10 - 3:05pm
Round-table: Reality check

SDN and NFV are becoming buzzwords in the telecom industry these last years. Equipment providers, IT players, telecom operators have invaded the media with the launch of SDN-enabler products, their participation to NFV proof of concepts or trials… This session will be the opportunity to state about the real SDN and NFV products commercially available, to make a point on the level of real deployments in operators’ network today beyond their data centers and also to develop the predicting timescales of SDN and NFV integration.

Moderated by : Vincent BONNEAU, Head of Innovation Business Unit

Mervyn KELLY, EMEA Marketing Director, Ciena
, Head of SDN product strategy, Ericsson
Michael RITTER, Vice President Technical Marketing and Analyst Relations, Adva Optical
Laurent BILLES
, VP Network Architecture, Orange Labs Networks, Orange

3:05 - 3:25pm

Alain ROLLAND, Founder, Chairman & CEO, eBlink

3:25 - 3:45pm
Use Case

Cédric CAREL, Telecom & Media Business Unit Manager, Atos
Guillaume DMITRIEFF, 
Client Executive, Atos

3:45 - 4:00pm
Conclusive Keynote