Head of Development Business Unit, IDATE


Alain Veyret joined IDATE in 1980, and has been the Director of the Public and Regional Policies Department since 1990.

Alain’s work focuses on the stakes and challenges of regional appeal within the rules imposed by the information society, local players’ ICT positioning and strategy, business creation in an era of globalised markets and an increasingly digitised economy…

Alain is the co-author of three works on teleworking, telebusiness and teleservices – the first published in 1995, as part of the IDATE Collection, and the second in 1998 byLa Documentation Française, along with a work entitled: « Communiquer Demain » (Communicating tomorrow), edited by Pierre Muso, and published by éditions de l’Aube.

Mr. Veyret holds a PhD in Economic Sciences from the Université de Montpellier.