Anh Vu

Anh Vu

Smart Cities Program Manager, ERDF


Anh Vu has started her career as a research engineer at the Research and Development Branch of EDF, on the modelling of the LV network loads and on distribution networks control systems and protections devices.

After an international experience for EDF, on distribution networks control systems and reduction of technical losses projects, she actively participates in the opening of the electricity market in France, as Key Accounts Manager for the EDF Division Trade.

She then joins the EDF distribution network operator as National Pilot for Processes dedicated to the eligible customers, and in particular, the processes of connecting consumers and decentralized producers.

In January 2009, she is in charge of the ERDF’s SmartGrid program and actively contributes to the European Commission works in the field of smart grids.

Since end of 2011 she has been responsible of the ERDF’s SmartCities program and selected as EURELECTRIC representative in the framework of the EU SmartCities and Communities Stakeholder Platform’s Energy working group.