Artem Bocharov


Publishing Director,

Game Insight

Artem Bocharov has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile games industry, starting as a game designer creating JAVA and BREW games, then transitioning into a role as a mobile producer, and eventually becoming the CEO of a social game development studio.

Now, he focuses on helping game developers reach larger audiences worldwide as the leader of Game Insight’s publishing team. Mr. Bocharov has expertise in monetization and in the key success factors for mobile games in Western markets, with specific focus on the most important features that make games hugely successful in English-speaking mobile/social gaming markets.

He evaluates hundreds of games each quarter, armed with a deep understanding of the mobile/social game industry’s present and its future, as well as a keen eye for common game development mistakes. He continues to openly share his previous and ongoing experience in game development and publishing to help developers build successful businesses in the mobile game industry.