Chloe Perreau


Projects manager smarter mobility, Montpellier Agglomération

Montpellier Agglomération

Chloe PERREAU is an economist and a field manager involved in the transport of people and goods since 1998, with activities ranging from research to the public sector, including industry.

She joined the Department of Transportation and Highways of the Agglomeration of Montpellier in 2013.

She is project manager of multimodal management of personal travel of Montpellier Agglomeration,  and also in charge of monitoring the research and development project  » SMART CITY : multimodal transport and mobility » with the universities of Montpellier 1 and 2 , IBM, and Cityway Mecatran.

She is also in charge of issues relating to urban logistics.

Previously, she was Research Assistant at Sciences -Po Paris then within the Department of Strategy at PSA Peugeot Citroën , Chloe PERREAU participated in France Intelligent Transport System (ITS France ) and she has contributed to a report « for the development of multimodal information in urban areas : restraints and prospects  « .

In the public sector, she led projects in the field of freight transportation and logistics for the public institution Ports de Paris : pre- operational studies of port terminals, evaluation mission for the development of port logistic.