Christophe Erbes

Christian ERBES

CEO, Media Consulting

Media Consulting

Christophe Erbes, born 1963 in Paris, studied mathematics, telecommunication science, economics (MBA) and more recently at the German Kids Media Academy. After some scientific research in Canada, he’s been working successively at Canal+ International (Paris) then as Head of Children and Short Films at PREMIERE (Hamburg), Head of Programs at SuperRTL/Disney (Cologne), Deputy Managing Director at NICKELODEON (Düsseldorf) and Managing Director at Jetix in Madrid, London and Munich.

Since 2006, Christophe is a renowned independent specialist worldwide for children media and animation, recently consulting for Orange, Ubisoft, EBU, MFG Baden-Württemberg and few studios. He hosts few festivals and conferences like MIP/MIPCOM, Annecy, ITFS/APD, Cartoon.

Under the pseudonym Theo de Marcousin, Christophe is a published kids books author (e.g. international bestseller OSCAR AND HOO with Oscar Winner Michael Dudok de Wit), script writer and free lance project developer (e.g. for Technicolor, Mago, Kool Productions, Studio100, E1).