Dan Judkins

VP Integrated Play & Mobile Gaming


2015 Edition, 19 November / Game summit

A creative and strategic product, experience and brand creator with 16 years in the interactive play industry. Dan cut his teeth at Tiger Electronics where he focused on creating trend based, insight driven and technology forward toys and brands like iDog; the world’s first I-pod connected toy.  He expanded his experience in leading development on the re-launch of Playskool Alphie and creation of Transformers Rescue Bots.  He has since led the physical/digital revolution within Hasbro with the reinvention of the Furby Franchise and now heads up the Integrated Play (iPLAY) group @ Hasbro.   Dan leads a vision and cultivation of creative collaborative culture on the team as they develop interactive experiences that fuse physical toys with mobile software across Hasbro’s brand portfolio including Transformers, Monopoly & My Little Pony.