Emmanuel Mouton

Emmanuel MOUTON

Chairman & CEO, Synox


Businessman in Innovation, Emmanuel Mouton founded his first company dedicated to mobility in 2003. His experience and his interest for new technology led him quickly expanded its activities in a new structure dedicated to the Internet of Things. Synox Group was created in 2005. After an exponentional business growth during the first three years, Synox Group receives in 2013 the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Reward being in the fifteenth first position in the European ranking. In the same year, the magazine Alliancy selects Emmanuel Mouton among the 20 personalities who matter in the Internet of Things in France.

Vice-President of Digital Cluster Novae LR and ambassador of Montpellier FrenchTech, Emmanuel Mouton contributes actively to the promotion of new technology, and most recently with the publication of the Digital Health Collective : « What about health for tomorrow : When digital disrupts medicine ».

Always looking forward, Emmanuel Mouton gives nowadays a new direction to Synox Group strategy preparing the company to deploy its business internationally with the goal to revolutionize uses in the field of Transport, Health, Energy Management and SmartCity.