Frédéric PUJOL

Head of Radio Technologies & Spectrum Practice

IDATE DigiWorld

2017 Edition, 15 November / Investment and digital infrastructure

Frédéric Pujol joined IDATE in November 1992. As head of Mobile Services Practice, he is responsible for coordinating mobile industry forecasting and technical-economic analysis reports.

Previously, Frédéric acquired solid experience in mobile network architecture working for the France Telecom Group (Sofrecom, Telesystems).

Mr. Pujol holds a post-graduate degree in engineering from ISEN (Institut Supérieur d’Electronique du Nord, Lille, 1986), where he majored in Telecommunications, and from CITCOM (Centre d’Ingénierie des Technologies de la Communication, Paris, 1987), where he majored in Network Architecture.