Giorgio Cesana

Director of Technology Marketing


2015 Edition, 19 November / Future digital economy forum

Giorgio Cesana is currently Director of Technology Marketing at the Front-End Manufacturing and Technology R&D Group of STMicroelectronics, where he oversees to the marketing definition of CMOS based technology platforms, including the ST FD-SOI technology. He created this activity in 2009, to determine market demand for future technology and design platforms, oversees dedicated technology developments, monitors industry trends in new technologies and provides PPA benchmarks.

He is also Executive Co-director at the SOI Industry Consortium, an industrial consortium representing the complete SOI based microelectronics value chain, with the mission of promoting and supporting the ecosystem of SOI based technologies.

Giorgio has 20 years of experience in semiconductor industry, having joined ST in 1994 and having covered several functions, from EDA development to managing the digital libraries team, then managing the collaborative processes and tools for the “Crolles2 Alliance” (a collaborative R&D program among ST, NXP and Freescale), then managing programs for key advanced CMOS products.

Giorgio received his Laurea in Ingegneria Elettronica -vecchio ordinamento- (MSc in Electronic Engineering) from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 1993.