Jurie Horneman

Jurie Horneman

Creative director, Mi'pu'mi Games

Mi'pu'mi Games

Jurie Horneman has been making games since 1991, working as a designer, producer and programmer on over 30 titles, on platforms ranging from the Atari ST via various console generations to the iPhone. He has worked at Rockstar Games, Arkane Studios, Kalisto Entertainment and Blue Byte Software.

He is currently the co-founder and creative director of Mipumi Games, an independent development company based in Vienna.

In his spare time he maintains Gameconfs, the world’s most comprehensive directory of game industry events, and organizes conferences on storytelling and games.

Jurie’s thoughts about Game Changers: « The commoditisation and democratisation of big parts of the value chain have blown away the constraints of the past. It’s time we start ignoring those constraints when designing games for the future. »