Khalil Laaboudi


Managing Director of APEBI


Khalil Laaboudi is Managing Director of APEBI – the Moroccan ICT Federation. He is also founding member of the Moroccan Smart City initiative: “e-Madina”. He is very active in the development of Smart City ecosystem in Morocco. Among the main projects of the group e-Madina is the Smart City application “e-Madinati” – implemented in partnership with city authorities in Morocco. This project helps citizens reporting urban inconveniences and incidents using different channels.
Khalil is a graduate of the MA Geopolitics at King’s College London. He is also a graduate of the MA Project Management at EHTP Casablanca and the BA in Marketing at ENCG Settat.
With a multidisciplinary professional background, he worked as Senior Officer for Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco. He later worked as Risk and Investment Consultant in London.