Head of Digital Entertainment Practice

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2017 Edition, 16 November / Video Game2017 Edition, 16 November / Video Game

Laurent Michaud joined IDATE in 2000, and is currently the Head of Digital Entertainment Practice. Laurent acts as project manager for market reports on video games, music, peer-to-peer, digital rights management and content protection, mobile electronics and the digital home. He provides OSEO Innovation (a national business development and support organisation) with expert technical-economic analysis of strategic issues relating to video games, TV, internet and video.

Laurent has also created the International Video Game Forum, which has been taking place in Montpellier every year since November 2002.

Prior to coming to IDATE, he worked as project manager for the Centre d’Études et de Projets, MontpellierUniversity’s Economic Sciences research laboratory.

Mr. Michaud holds a post-graduate degree in Economic and Financial Regional Project Engineering from the Université de Montpellier.