Moritz Godel

Moritz Godel

Moritz Godel, Senior Economic Consultant - London Economics

London Economics

Moritz Godel is a Senior Economic Consultant and leader of London Economics’ Productivity, Innovation & New Economy team. Moritz’s experience is focused on issues of industrial economics and public policy and spans sectors including automotive, retail, financial services, electricity, transport and software and online services.

Moritz has been in charge of designing complex bespoke methodologies using cutting-edge analytical tools and has conducted data-intensive analysis for clients that include some of Europe’s largest companies as well as governments in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He has substantial experience in the area of Intellectual Property Rights and information technology and has led large-scale studies on diverse aspects of digital markets, including the European internet services industry, privacy technologies, the economics of new domain names and the value of personal data.

Moritz has spent time on secondment to the UK Competition Commission and has Master’s degrees in Economics (University College London) and European Competition Law (King’s College London).