Patrice BELIE


Hub One

2016 Edition, 17 November / Game changers

Patrice Bélie, HEC graduate, is the Chief Executive of Hub One, subsidiary of Groupe ADP, since 2011.

Hub One is a group offering Information and Communication Technologies to businesses.

He began his career in 1993 as mergers and acquisitions consultant for Crédit Commercial de France in Germany. In 1998, he joined Alcatel-Alstom to manage technology acquisitions in North America. In 2001, he launched the Alcatel Group’s Telecom operator network outsourcing and performed trade and project management assignments in New Zealand, Germany, and Austria. In 2005, he moved to Alcatel’s rail signalling business where he managed its reorganisation and its the post-acquisition integration into Thales which he joined in 2007. At Thales, he supervised subsidiaries in Asia and Europe and was appointed Managing Director of the French rail signalling subsidiary and permanent establishments in Algeria and Morocco.