Reinout te Brake

Reinout TE BRAKE

Founding Partner, GameOn


Reinout te Brake is regarded as one of the leading thought leaders of the gaming industry. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, kickstarter, prolific investor and business leader, currently mentoring and investing in early stage companies and focusing on developing a strong eco-system of gaming companies in the Netherlands.

He is founder and Chairman of iQU, a Haarlem based company, which is recognized as the top intelligence and performance marketing specialist for the gaming sector. He led iQU as CEO until 2012, establishing it as the leading marketing and intelligence partner for games companies.

He is also one of the co-founders of Spil Games, one of the largest casual games networks in the world with over 200mio MAUs.

He is presently Managing Partner of GWC Investments, a specialist gaming consultancy and seed investor in many high profile games companies in US, Sweden, Netherlands and Finland, and GameOn, a dutch based VC game fund, investing in gaming start-ups with differentiated IP and business models from across the globe wanting to establish a presence in the Netherlands.

Portfolio companies of GWC Investments are iQU, Gramble/GetSocial, Zombot Studios, VCE, Creel, StarArcade, MAG Interactive, Tinyloot, SpilGames, HoneyTracks, Driver Digital and more.