Tristan NITOT

Principal Mozilla Evangelist, Mozilla


Tristan Nitot, Principal Mozilla Evangelist, Mozilla

Tristan Nitot has co-founded Mozilla Europe in 2003 and has been its president until it merged with subsidiaries of Mozilla Foundation in 2011.

Under his tenure, Mozilla has reached almost half a billion instances in the world, 45% being in Europe, where Community participation is also the highest. Now Tristan is Principal Mozilla Evangelist, a worldwide position, where he tirelessly puts Mozilla’s mission and non profit nature in perspective with Mozilla technologies and initiatives, explaining how user sovereignty is key for the digital society that is being built.


Tristan’s thoughts about The DigiWorld Summit:

« The DigiWorld Summit is the gathering of many people from the telecom, communication, computing and Internet industries, here in Montpellier. That’s pretty impressive the density of gray matter per square meter »