Volker Ziegler

Chief Architect

Nokia Networks

2015 Edition, 18 November / Digital infrastructure plenary session

Volker Ziegler serves as Chief Architect of Nokia Networks. He leads and owns the long term
Nokia Networks e2e architecture; owns and guides the translation into Nokia Networks unit
reference architecture and associated network and services evolution; steers and
leverages Nokia Networks architectural development cycle for sustainable and innovation
led growth and competitive differentiation; ensures that Nokia Networks e2e Architecture
evolves in step with our top customers.
He has previously led Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) strategy and business portfolio and,
the global business development, sales and operations strategy and transformation of NSN.
Previously, he has served as President of the Charging and Care business unit of Siemens
Networks.  Volker was one of the founding members of the Siemens Mobile Solutions leadership team in the year 2000 where he acted as President and previously as Vice President and CFO.
He served as Director of Business Administration, Controlling and Finance for the Americas
with the Siemens Wireline Networks Division. His earlier experience includes a two year
assignment as Information Technology Specialist with the World Bank / IFC in conjunction
with loan and equity investment decisions in the telecommunications’ sector. He had
various management positions in R&D, Sales and Services with the Siemens Mobile
Networks Division, as well as technical project responsibility with the German Aerospace
Research Establishment / AEG Telefunken.
Volker Ziegler is a graduate of the Harvard Executive Development Program and holds a
PhD and a Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Universität (TH) Karlsruhe,