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Value proposition for Members

The legitimacy of IDATE DigiWorld think tank lies in the work, skills and experience of its teams, and in the exceptional network of ties that it has woven with leading digital industry firms, public policy-makers, regulators and academia.

IDATE DigiWorld members enjoy access to a set of cohesive and complementary initiatives that are enhanced on a regular basis, and which enable them to anticipate trends, compare their analyses and share their views on the status quo and the shape of things to come.

Value proposition for Associate Members

Becoming an Associate Member of IDATE DigiWorld allows you to participate in the annual programme made available to Members with a limited access.
You are eligible to be an IDATE DigiWorld Associate Member if:
• your company is a start-up
• you wish to have a preview of what would IDATE DigiWorld bring to you even if your company is not a start-up



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