Be part of the 41st edition of the DigiWorld Summit! #DWS19


Rebuilding the digital society with people

Even if digital is already disrupting our lives in many ways, we ain’t seen nothing yet!
AI, IoT, blockchain and much of the most disruptive digital innovations have been seen as game changers along the path that has led to the current situation where we have no choice but to make do with digital. However, most of them are spread at too low scale today to play their expected role of disruptor.

Digital has become a primary energy source for powering businesses, creating new products, launching new services, designing new concepts and even improving the way we live and work. With a long-term view, we can thus expect it to dramatically shift the paradigms and induce a new world order.

Scaling is the first step, and if it affects companies in the first place, the new business models and work organization are deeply influencing people and society, while governments have an important role to play to help companies and citizens navigate this paradigm shift.

This 41st DigiWorld Summit will be looking ahead, thinking together about what we want tomorrow’s digital world to look like, and what we need to start doing today to get there.

Amongst our 2019 speakers…


Gabriel ATTAL
Minister of State, attached to the
Minister of National Education and Youth

Thierry BRETON
Chairman and CEO

Agnieszka BRUYÈRE
VP, IBM Cloud & Watson Platform

Erzsébet FITORI
Director General
FTTH Council Europe

Stéphane RICHARD
Chairman & CEO

SVP, Enterprise Innovation
& 5G Solutions
Verizon Enterprise

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