28 November

3:45 - 4:15

Level 1 Room Saint-Victor


“The proliferation of digital uses in professional and private life is accelerating the consequences of cyber flaws. Cybersecurity has thus become the pet peeve not only of public organizations but also of companies. So, Chief Security Officers have been appointed. Companies must accelerate their transformation in terms of cybersecurity and go further. How can they really define and implement their cybersecurity strategy? Is the « 0 risk » policy the only solution even if it makes an organization less flexible? How can companies stay innovative and “cybersecure”? How can the main cyber security companies remain and develop an innovative ecosystem to anticipate the trends?”

Introduction & Animation

Mathieu BEC, Consultant digital transformation, IDATE DigiWorld

  • Nicolas ARPAGIAN, Director of Strategy & Public Affairs, Orange Cyberdéfense
  • Antonin CAORS, Director, Cyber@StationF acceleration programme, Thales