Digital for Africa

28 November

3:30 - 4:15

Level 1 Room Odéon


«As digital technologies are undoubtedly one of the essential foundations, if not the main pillar, of the economic development in Africa, we first need to build a favorable strong ecosystem, adapted to the local market conditions.

The setup of extended infrastructures, services and applications in line with the population’s needs and resources… are still the main major stakes.

This round table will take stock of some specific initiatives to help Africa meet the digital challenges: financing models of networks infrastructures, innovations in usages, disruptive business models… »

Introduction & Animation

Didier POUILLOT, In charge of African markets – Telecom Markets & Regulation practice leader, IDATE DigiWorld

  • Astrid BONTÉ, Director of International Affairs, Eutelsat
  • Brice DEMOGE, Directeur business development - Secteur Public & Afrique, Gfi Informatique
  • David EURIN, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Liquid Telecom