Future World of Work

28 November

2:15 - 3:15

Level 1 Room Odéon


We often speak about the future of work, but it may be fair to say that the future has come – a stream of events flows through the doorstep of the workplace and the business on a daily basis.

On the one hand we are experiencing unprecedented technological development as we move into the world of the ‘phygical and augmented workforce’, to the extent that Klaus Schwab calls it the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. On the other hand, we are experiencing fundamental shifts in what Frederic Laloux calls levels of ‘human consciousness or what it means to be human in the workplace of today e.g. the rise of conscious capitalism.
This 45 minute presentation shows how these 2 strands come together in the workplace and how they impact People Practices.

Introduction & Animation

Sharon OLIVIER, Faculty in Leadership Development, & Frederick HOLSCHER, Director Market and Product Development, Ashridge Executive Education