Industry 4.0

20 November

2:15 pm - 3:20 pm

Maison de la Mutualité


Innovation is seen as a key source of differentiation in any business’s strategy, and a source of future growth.

But with the massive waves of innovation, companies cannot content themselves with merely technical proofs of concept with blockchain, or paying lip service to novel concepts like open innovation or intrapreneurship: they need to take the plunge and be able to incorporate these new ways of working, to meet market needs by scaling up.

Our speakers from a wide range of backgrounds (banking, retail, cybersecurity, telco…) will draw on their concrete experiences to answer the following questions:

- Can major corporations become, be and remain innovative?

- How to ride the waves of innovation, and not innovate just for the sake of it?

- What are the right questions to ask about business and technical models, and how to shift from innovation to scale?

- How to study the impact of widespread adoption?

2:15 pm - Introduction & Animation

2:20 pm - Use cases & Topics

2:20 pm - Innovation at scale : levers and brakes 

2:35 pm - Cybersecurity

2:50 pm - Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

3:05 pm - Supply Chain & logistics