Next Gen Access

28 November

2:15 - 3:35

Level -1 Theater


« France’s National superfast broadband programme “Plan France THD” and operators’ actions are focused heavily on FttH, with some 30 million premises due to be passed by the end of 2022.

But how to achieve that target when the companies deploying the networks are grappling with personnel issues, and manufacturers – notably optical cable – are grappling with supply issues? And is there still room for alternative technologies? Particularly fixed wireless access solutions?»

2:15 - 2:55

Introduction & Animation:

Vincent BALDACCHINO, Public/Private NGA Networks practice leader, IDATE DigiWorld

2:55 - 3:35

Introduction & Animation

Jean-Luc LEMMENS, Head of Media-Telecom Unit, IDATE DigiWorld