2016 Edition, 16 November / TV & Video forum

Alain Rocca is the founder of the LMC company: a web editor/distributor dedicated to the cinema, of which the shareholders are the METROPOLITANFILM EXPORT group alongside 42 independent movie producers and distributors, and the CAISSE DES DÉPÔTS.

LMC launched in 2007 its first label UNIVERSCINE, first TVOD exclusively devoted to the modern and art-house cinema (it owns more than 4 200 movies representing about 1/3 of movies’ legal French offer). It undertakes many labels, all dedicated to the internet deployment of the cinema market with strong identity:

CINEMASALADEMANDE, label consecrated to the METROPOLITANFILM EXPORT group’s catalogue; MediathèqueNumérique co-edited by Arte; IFcinéma from the French Institute; LACINETEK which is the first TVOD label exclusively vowed to the heritage cinema and is becoming the first European digital label in this field.

LMC manage several European VOD editors specialized in cinema.