Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security & Risk


Andy Chang is Senior Product Manager for Cloud Security and Risk at Google.  In this role, he works to provide customers products and solutions to secure their workloads on Google Cloud by preventing, detecting, and acting on security and data risks.

Before joining Google, Andy held leadership positions at [24]7, Inc. as VP for Product Strategy and as VP of Global Solutions and Pre-sales Engineering where he led the creation of SaaS solutions that drove [24]7’s software revenues. He co-invented the financial industry’s first integrated speech and screen mobile fraud-alert solution which won both client and industry

awards. He also has held various technology and business leadership positions at Cadence, Stanford, MIT,  AOI Systems, and Loral Fairchild; developing a range of complex systems spanning –  multi-channel customer journey analytics; parallel supercomputer architectures; high-performance VLSI designs; and digital image inspection and processing systems.

Andy holds both an SB and SM in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was a PhD Candidate at Stanford University.