IoT evangelist


2016 Edition, 16 November / Connected Things

David Vasquez is a 15+ year telecommunication-industry veteran with extensive experience delivering IoT, M2M and telemetry solutions for process automation, remote monitoring & control, water & waste water operations and smart metering. He was instrumental in growing Verizon’s partner ecosystem with solutions ranging from AMI to SCADA and from water quality monitoring to demand response and distribution automation.

Currently, David is leading the IoT practice team focused on Asset Management, Serialization and Compliance for the pharmaceutical & healthcare verticals in EMEA

David loves public speaking, drones and airplanes, augmented & virtual reality, the intersection of data and analytics, skiing, running and the promise of a digital, connected world through IoT. On his spare time, he leads a retail, manufacturing, supply chain and e-commerce innovation effort for a Fortune 100 client as well as supporting their external-incubator strategy. The rest of his spare time is spent wishing he had more spare time.


David was born in the Dominican Republic and moved between New York, Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR before recently relocating to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. His childhood passion is baseball but he’s also an avid skier, hiker and cyclist who ran his first marathon last May and clocked in at 3:58:30.

When he’s not exercising, he’s looking for an amazing meal (and beer) wherever his travels take him. David is fluent in Spanish and English and could ask for directions and order food and drinks in French.