2016 Edition, 16 November / Connected Things

Eric Cariou is a French entrepreneur with a background in Business Management and Engineering. Eric received his Bachelors degree in Electronics at the University of Central Lancashire and pursued a Masters in Physics and Electronics from the University of Surrey. He spent time abroad working for international companies based in China, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. He is co-founder of Davidson Sud-Ouest, a company specialized in consulting and recruiting for large corporations, with offices located in eight countries. While he was at Davidson, he discovered that there was no solution catered to large industries for tracking assets at a low price without the use of batteries. In November 2015 Eric and co-founder, Jan Mennekens, developed the UWINLOC solution by using innovative theories and are now hosted in the Airbus BizLab Startup Accelerator. Since then, their project has been growing at an exponential rate, attracting clients worldwide.