Etienne DUGAS



2018 Edition, 28 novembre / Next Gen Access

Etienne Dugas is infraNum’s Chairman. This Federation (born 5 years ago) currently brings together 200 businesses from the different layers of the public initiative network value “chain”. InfraNum also carries on “French model”: shared public and private founding for durable development planning, by attending international events such as ICT4ALL in Tunis in 2014.

He’s also Groupe Ripp SAS’s Chairman, which provides engineering solutions. It specializes in the construction of pipelines and network system for electricity and telecommunications.

Since 2015, he’s at the head of ELFA, a new, shared voice of alternative public and private local fibre operators calling for a more ambitious European Digital Agenda and the acceleration of fibre deployment in Europe to power ultrafast broadband to citizens and businesses. ELFA has launched with ten member associations from eight EU-countries