Frederick HOLSCHER

Director Market and Product Development

Ashridge Executive Education

2018 Edition, 28 novembre / Future World of Work

Frederick Holscher teaches, researches and consults in the areas of leadership and diversity, with a particular focus on innovative ways of developing ‘leadership intelligence’ (Ego, Eco- and Intuitive Intelligence) when faced with the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. He has a particular interest in the New world of work and how humans and technology can work together.

He has developed practical ways on leveraging the potential of diversity in the work place, taking diversity beyond its physical appearance, like gender and ethnicity, to the levels of diversity of thoughts and beliefs, managing paradox, and leveraging polarities, focusing on the diversity as a result of people and technology working together in the workplace.

Frederick has led international projects in many countries in including Africa, Asia, the US and Europe.   Before joining Ashridge Executive Education, Frederick was based in South Africa and worked primarily as an international consultant and educator across industries, the public sector and other civil society organisations.

Fredrick has a PhD in Sociology. With a specific emphasis on generative dialogue as means of transformation, Frederick has successfully applied these conceptual insights in transforming government and businesses during the times of change in the pre- and post Mandela area in South Africa.

He is passionate about his subjects, is able to share many personal stories and deliver highly interactive learning experiences.