Strategic Advisor

Gemeente Eindhoven

2016 Edition, 17 November / Smart City Forum

Guus Sluijter is an experienced civil servant. He has been working for Dutch municipalities for 30 years in
different functions (as policymaker, head of department, director and political and strategic advisor) and on
several area’s (law, environment, law enforcement, public safety, economy and strategy). He likes to work on
innovations, in cooperation with other authorities, e.g. other municipalities, provinces, ministries, and
partners in the triple helix in the Brainpprt region Eindhoven : entrepreneurs and scientists. He was the joint
initiator of initiatives as the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security and the Brainport Centre for
Technology and Law.
Guus Sluijter holds a master degree in law. He was educated and trained in management and leadership in
the public sector. Currently he works as a strategic advisor for the city of Eindhoven and he is strategic
manager of the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security.