Head of the Digital Economy division at the Projects Directorate

European Investment Bank

2016 Edition, 16 November / Future Networks Forum

Harald Gruber is head of the Digital Economy division at the Projects Directorate of the European Investment Bank based in Luxembourg. He oversees project appraisal in the ICT sectors and advises on the Bank’s business strategy with respect to innovation policy and the knowledge economy in general.

He has published The Economics of Mobile Telecommunications at Cambridge University Press in 2005. He has co-authored articles in particular on the mobile telecommunications sector in scholarly refereed journals such as Economic Policy, European Economic Review, Telecommunications Policy, Information Economics and Policy and International Journal of Industrial Organisation.

He is on the editorial board of Telecommunications Policy and Information Economics and Policy.

He has been also professor at Bocconi University (Milan) for telecommunications economics.

Harald Gruber holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics.