Jacques BONTE

Associate Partner


2019 Edition, 20 novembre / Healthcare

Graduated in Pharmacy (University of Paris) and in Pharmaceutical Marketing (ESCP); Alumnus of INSEAD Partnerships Management Program, Jacques Bonte has almost 30 years of experience in the Life Sciences industry.

Jacques developed a unique experience in Customer Relationship Management. After deploying commercial strategies based on customer data and knowledge, he built a patient-centric approach.
Jacques develops a consulting business to improve the effectiveness of care for end-users. Jacques uses digital tools to analyze pathway and improve patients’ experience. He analyzes the patient place and role in the healthcare system; and deploys tools and programs to support patients and raise his empowerment.
Jacques is also analyzing how the digital revolution would impact the business models of the healthcare field and the life sciences industries.

He is focused on delivering value for both the patients and the organizations.