Co-founder & CSO


2018 Edition, 28 novembre / Digital Europe 2030

« Une Europe 4.0 tournée vers l’Ethics by Design ! »

Jérôme Béranger is an associate researcher (PhD) in digital ethics at Inserm 1027 at the University of Toulouse. His research focuses on the moral and human approach of the digital revolution (e-Health, Fintech, Big Data, NBIC, IA, Blockchain, etc.), particularly in the areas of health, insurance and finance. He has published more than 80 written contributions, as well as three books entitled respectively: « Health Information Systems and Ethics » (ISTE, March 2015), « Big Data and Ethics (ISTE, January 2016) , and « The Algorithmic Code of Ethics » (ISTE, April 2018). With his expertise in this field, Jérôme Béranger is also co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ADEL (Algorithm Data Ethics Label) on the ethics of digital data processing via automated information systems. (  )