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Managing Director France

Amazon Web Services

Julien Groues joined AWS as Managing Director in France in August 2018.  He leads the team of business and technical specialists that support French organisations looking to benefit from the AWS Cloud technology to innovate, stimulate their business and better serve their own customers. His focus is to contribute to the country’s digitalization by engaging with French organizations in all sectors from enterprises to startups.

Throughout his career, Julien has demonstrated the benefits emerging technologies bring towards creating a digital future.  Julien promotes a client-obsessed approach that is necessary to drive both digital and cultural strategies and that help AWS customers achieve their business outcomes.

Prior to joining Amazon, Julien launched in Europe, helping the leading enterprise AI software provider become a CNBC top disruptor and earning a place on the annual Forbes Cloud 100. Julien also spent five years at Oracle, where he led global sales in the Utility Global Business Unit after Oracle acquired LODESTAR, where he served as Head of EMEA.

As an Amazonian leader, Julien strongly encourage his customers to have a long-term vision in term of digital transformation and led it from the top is a focal point. This strategy is detailed in ‘Driving change from the top down’, a blog entry describing being in a position of power while still empowering your teams. For Julien, transformation requires setting and communicating a clear vision of the direction, the removal of impediments, which were set for the past ways of working, and allocating specific business goals for each team. Further requirements include aligning governance and investment management with agility and being present throughout processes to stop hierarchical communication problems.

As Managing Director for AWS in France, Julien supports the education and training effort at the national level and will continue to work giving access to AWS training programs, at no charge, to the largest audience possible. In less than three years, AWS trained more than 25000 people in France and AWS wants to continue empowering French professionals and students with highly sought-after cloud computing and digital transformation skills. At AWS, Julien is the voice for how the cloud can accelerate the digital transformation France, and you can listen to him speak at the AWS Transformation Day Paris 2019.