Co-Founder and Art Director

Atelier 801

2016 Edition, 16 November / Video Game

Mélanie Christin is the co-founder and Art Director of Atelier 801, founded in 2011 on the success of the multiplayer online browser game Transformice. Created in 2010 by Mélanie and her associate Jean-Baptiste Le Marchand, the game quickly encountered a huge success, with now over 70 million accounts created, and a 2M active monthly playerbase.
Atelier 801 now employs 12 people, dedicated to Transformice but also developping more games and mobile apps. Among them, Dead Maze is the next big project of Atelier 801, consisting of a browser multiplayer survival game.
The business model is 100% based on the selling of virtual goods, with 96% of the revenue generated outside France.