Nicole HILL

Director, Healthcare Sector

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

2019 Edition, 20 novembre / Healthcare

Nicole leads the Healthcare Sector worldwide, at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.
Under Nicole’s leadership, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been acknowledged as a trusted vendor by numerous healthcare providers, across the globe.
Flagship hospitals & hospital clusters, as well as remote hospitals, clinics & nursing homes are enabled to successfully manage their communications, network and digital transformation for better outcomes:

– Optimized care pathway, healing experience for patients,
– Quality care delivery,
– Enhanced processes, efficiency, attractivity as well as security, safety, and privacy for people, data, assets and facilities.

Nicole is a seasoned bi-cultural (French & English) healthcare IT industry Leader. Since joining Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and before holding her current position, Nicole held various sales, sales leadership, business development and management roles at Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, and in the pharmaceutical industry.
She is also engaged to “give back”, as she coaches young people to enter university, business schools or find jobs or succeed in entrepreneurial projects.
Nicole holds a MBA from the French Business School, ESSEC; she also received executive training at Insead.