Robert-Martin SILO-SAME

Digital Champion « Business Intelligence & Strategic Open Innovation », Managing Partner


2016 Edition, 17 November / Digital Africa

An energetic and imaginative Chartered Engineer & Strategic Business Development Managing Partnership with Global experience of TMT (Techno, Media & Telecom), Open Innovation & the Contextual Usages.

Strong business knowledge of the industry’s and TMT (Techno, Media & Telecom) approaches to go-to-market models that succeed in heterogeneous environments with mutually profitable relationships.

After 15 years spent in the highly competitive IT innovations & Customer solutions (APPS, WEB, Database, Virtualization, High End, Contents, …) with the TOO BIG like Oracle and Sun Microsystems.

Digital Champion in the innovation by usages ecosystem, with excellent skills and knowledge of African, European and American cultures and their Contextual Business environments.

Profile Highlights

– Strong telecom & IT business understanding, Digital innovation through usages, Monetization, business case and P&L analysis

– Track record of solutions to improve business topline and bottom line with « Consumer & Business Centric » approaches.