Global Leader

BCG Gamma

2019 Edition, 20 novembre / How are the paradigms shifting?

Sylvain Duranton is the Global Leader of BCG GAMMA, a business unit dedicated to Data Science and Advanced Analytics applied to business. He manages a team of 800 data scientists, who master all data analysis techniques (data science, data engineers, optimization, machine learning) and provide support to businesses in the field of AI.

Sylvain Duranton joined BCG in 1993 and is also a member of the Marketing & Sales global leadership team, having previously been the co-founder of BCG pricing activity. He is passionate about applying AI and Advanced Analytics to business and has implemented 50+ custom-built AI & Analytics solutions for multiple companies, in different sectors across the globe.

Sylvain has significant experience within the following areas: building a personalized pricing engine for a B2B distributor of electrical equipment; an AI-based budgeting process for an automotive player; an advanced pricing engine for a global chemical group; a routing optimization engine for a global shipping company and a sales activation tool for a high-tech component manufacturer.

Sylvain Duranton graduated from the famed French engineering schools Polytechnique (1991) and Mines Paris (1993) and additionally holds an MBA degree from INSEAD (1996). Sylvain is also an executive board member for one of the largest French NGOs (“Aurore”), which aims to alleviate poverty and improve access to housing.