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Plum Consulting

Tim Miller is a Partner at Plum and specialises in the application of economic theory to telecommunications issues, with a particular focus on regulation, competition, and spectrum policy and strategy.   His advice has been used by operators to lobby for changes to regulation, and by governments and regulators to form regulatory policy and strategy.

Tim has developed models and analytical tools for operators, regulators and governments around the world to assess the value of spectrum and how it should be awarded.  He has also provided advice on how spectrum may be used – from both a technical and regulatory perspective – in mobile and fixed networks.  His work considers the analysis of markets and company interactions, both in terms of their impact on spectrum awards and on regulation in general.  He is adept at applying established regulations to emerging markets, particularly those in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, but is keen to develop new regulatory thinking to reflect the changing nature of today’s telecommunications markets, applied to markets worldwide.

He has applied game theory to market interactions to enable operators and regulators to understand likely outcomes of decisions, and how to mitigate against unwanted effects.  His work has also included mobile broadband regulation, the estimation of demand for data traffic, economic impact and cost-benefit analyses, the pricing of regulated services, broadcasting cost models, undersea cable disputes, mobile number portability, universal service cost calculations, and structural separation.

Tim Miller has an MSc in Economics from the University of Bristol, specialising in auction and game theory, and a BSc in Economics and Mathematics from the same institution.