Weiliang SHI


Huawei France

2019 Edition, 20 novembre / Digital enablers to enhance business models

Weiliang Shi was appointed Managing Director of Huawei France in November 2017 and has been President of Huawei France since early 2019.
Aged 37, this French-speaking and Francophile studied in Reims, where he graduated in 2005 from CESEM (Centre d’Etudes Supérieures Européennes de Management) of NEOMA Business School, with a double degree from Tongji University in Shanghai.

Weiliang Shi began his career at the French design agency Carré & Basset. He then worked at Shanghai Today Animation Film for the adaptation of French cartoons for China, then for the Carrefour group in a position as logistics manager.
In 2006 he joined Huawei as General Manager for the Central African Republic. He then became Managing Director of Huawei in Cameroon, then President of Huawei Entreprise for West Africa before becoming Vice-President of this division for the United Kingdom. This new position as General Manager of Huawei’s French subsidiary now allows him to renew his ties with France.

Weiliang Shi wishes to share his extensive experience in the Telecom industry, both in engineering and in the sales and management of multicultural teams, in order to strengthen the Group’s partnerships and complementarity with French companies. Its ambition is to mobilize Huawei’s technological platform by building technological bricks for French groups, thus supporting their development.

Huawei has been present for 17 years and today represents the leading Chinese group in France, with nearly 1000 employees and 5 R&D centres: mathematics, algorithms, microelectronics, design, sensors.