IDATE DigiWorld

2016 Edition, 16 November / opening session

For more than fifteen years, Yves Gassot has been at the head of IDATE (www.idate.org), an institute that has established itself as one of the leading research centres inEurope concerned with the telecommunications, Internet and media industries.

In this position, he has taken part in numerous studies of the various markets and the strategies being pursued in the telecommunications sector.

He is on the panel of several expert committees, including the Conseil Général des Technologies de l’Information and the Advisory Committee of the PTC, he is special adviser of the European Commissioner of the Information Society, he serves as director of the revue « Communications & Strategies » and is scientific head of the annual International Conference of IDATE. With a background as DPLG architect, he is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies, Paris
(3rd Cycle).