Conference at the Musée de l’Homme & online (session in English)

14:30-16:00 | mmWave: Europe’s 5G game changer – sharing early success stories

With 5G deployments very well underway in mid- and low-band spectrum, 5G mmWave is coming increasingly into the spotlight in Europe with its benefits of larger bandwidth, higher capacity, both in downlink and uplink. In a number of European countries trials and commercial deployments have started and use cases are being explored. The session will focus on sharing success stories in 5G mmWave deployments in a number of EU member states and will explore policy actions that could accelerate the deployment of 5G mmWave to enable Europe to make the most of full 5G capabilities.

Opening Remarks

Regulatory Session
5G mmWave – Creating Value for Citizens and Enterprises

Introduction by Janette Stewart (Partner – Analysys Mason)

Industry Panel Session
5G mmWave State of Play (Eco-system, Trials, Use Cases, Commercialization)

Introduction by Tim Miller (Partner – Plum Consulting)

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