Digital infrastructure

from ultra smart networks to predictive analytics

18 November


Corum, Pasteur room - Level 0


The great digital shake-up is coming from a major change in infrastructure, including telcos’ fixed and mobile superfast systems, network virtualisation, the rise of the IoT, the growing ubiquity of cloud architectures, the power of predictive algorithms, etc.


  • What do vertical market players need to successfully navigate their transformation?
  • Just how far should telcos go in helping these players, in expanding their own skillsets and in opening up their ecosystem?
  • How will other IT companies and service providers’ businesses change? Idem for integrators, OTT market leaders, etc.?
11:30 - 11:40am

Chairman: Volker ZIEGLER, Chief Architect, Nokia Networks
IDATE Insight:
From telcos to IT: the forces of change
Frédéric PUJOL, Head of Wireless Business Unit

11:40am - 12:00pm
How are telecom market players readying themselves?

Very few industries have undergone such a radical transformation: competition policies, IP everywhere, the race to roll out ever faster fixed and mobile networks… If the landscape has been considerably altered, telcos’ own transformation still lies largely ahead. What are the key factors driving a change in their business model? How much of their revenue will continue to come from monetizing access? How to balance their two-sided strategy (wholesale/retail)? How much do economies of scale matter for global market players? How to position themselves with respect to the top OTT platforms?

Jesus ROMERO, Head of Corporate Strategy , Telefónica

12:00 - 12:20pm
How far should telcos go in helping their vertical clients in their digital transformation?

The tremendous focus that businesses are putting on their digital transformation represents a real opportunity for telcos. But they are also having to contend with veteran IT companies and new disruptors. Just how far along the value chain can they go with their customers, and what strategic partnerships will they need to establish? Where does the value-added lie in cloud, IoT and Big Data markets? What are enterprises’ new demands and expectations? Which vertical industries are the most developed? What benefits do size and geographical footprint bring to players in these markets?

Thierry BONHOMME, Senior Executive Vice- President, Orange Business Services

12:20- 12:35pm
Industry Cloud Apps

As SaaS solutions continue to develop, the combination of cloud computing, big data and design is poised to cause a new disruption in applications development: more powerful, cheaper and well suited to vertical solutions. But can they keep their promises?

Stéphane DUPROZ, Chairman, European Data Center Association

Guest Keynote

Michel COMBES, COO, Altice